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Are You Interested in Planting New Churches?

The Southeastern Diocese would love for you to join us in our commitment to the Gospel driven practice of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in every area of Ministry and life.

So help us as we:

  • impact the community with a Christian message  that challenges the values of our secular society
  • communicate God’s gospel in fresh and creative ways
  • reproduce communities of authentic disciples
  • help send those who’ve been commissioned to “go” tothe utter most parts of the world.

Plant A Seed of Faith As God Grows the Body of Christ

Please send your donations via “Givelify” or mail directly to the Southeastern Diocese, 2901 Wesley Chapel Road, Decatur, GA 30034.  (checks payable to the Southeastern Diocese)

For further information please contact: 

Southeastern Diocese

Mission Board

Are You Interested in Planting New Churches?

Strawberry Plant Growth Stages by IlyaKalinin | GraphicRiver

Church Planters must:  

1.  Personally prepare for church planting ministry by (prayer, fasting, research area   interested in)

2. Evangelize the area chosen

3. Be a team player

4. Be a flexible risk taking pioneer

5. Care for people that they encounter, potential members of the new church

6. Be committed to fulfill God’s call and vision even at the cost of extreme personal sacrifice

7.  Seek out cities impacted by culture and religion, growing cities

8.  The Pastor chosen must have strong leadership skills:  he must be able to recruit others, make crucial decisions and make sure the vision stays focus

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