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Bishop H. Vonzell Castilla, Presiding Prelate

Bishop H. Vonzell Castilla, Presiding Prelate

I have the awesome privilege of serving as the Bishop of the Southeastern Diocese, a diocese committed to BUILDING GOD’S KINGDOM – ONE SOUL AT A TIME. As we build, we are encouraged by a great legacy. Our Founder Bishop C.P. Jones was born in Texas Valley, Georgia; moreover, he received the call to holiness (the “Selma Experience”) in Selma, Alabama. So, in a very real sense, this is the diocese where it all began!

We are also excited about what the Lord is currently doing in our diocese. Our churches in Alabama and Georgia are working together, realizing that great things happen when God’s people are on one accord. Our leaders have a passion for reaching the lost at any cost and ministering to those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” On any given Sunday, you will hear our preachers and teachers and missionaries proclaiming the reality of victorious living through Jesus Christ.

With this combination of legacy in the past and zeal in the present, we cannot help but be excited about our growth in the future. We see our churches in Alabama and Georgia growing spiritually and numerically. But that’s not all. We envision churches additional churches in those two states as well as church plants in Florida and South Carolina! The Lord is moving already!

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website. It gives you a taste of what is happening in our diocese. But you cannot truly appreciate the unity, zeal and passion of this diocese without visiting our churches. So, if you’re in Alabama, Georgia (and soon South Carolina and Florida) stop by and worship with us in the diocese where it all began.

Pray for us as we continue to Build God’s Kingdom. Please leave your prayer request with us so that we may pray for you as well.

In His Service,

Bishop H. Vonzell Castilla, Presiding Prelate
Southeastern Diocese
Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.

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